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Good Pops GoodPops Mango Pineapple Coconut
Good Pops GoodPops Chocolate
Good Pops GoodPops Chocmint
Good Pops GoodPops Black Doris Plum

Good Pops and the Nelson brands competition

Exciting news - Good Pops is teaming up with many of Nelson's finest brands for a HUGE giveaway! 

To enter, tag someone you'd share this package with on either Instagram or Facebook and you and your friend could be splitting this haul worth over $1400 in total! To be eligible, both you and your friend must follow ALL of these businesses on Instagram or Facebook. You can tag as many friends as you like, and a winning pair will be randomly selected this Saturday 20th April.

Thank you to these amazing Nelson businesses for their generous contributions to these prizes.
Good Pops: 8x 4-packs assorted flavours.
Pic's: 7x jars assorted, 3x slugs, 1x 1kg peanut butter.
Proper Crisps: 12x assorted flavours.
Little Beauties: 6x assorted flavours.
Yum: 6x assorted varieties.
Appleby Farms Ice Cream: 6x 850ml tubs.
Pete's Natural: 2x 4-packs assorted flavours.
QB's Crunchy Cheese: 6x packs.
Rabbit Island Coffee: 2x coffee beans 500g.
Kombucha Bros: 12x cans assorted.
Goodness Kitchen: 4x assorted.
Nutty D'lites: 6x Assorted varieties.
Halo Haircare Society: 2x Shampoo, 2x Conditioner.
Neudorf Black: 6x Black Garlic assorted varieties.
The Green Collective: 4x SPRUCE Swedish Dishcloths.
Appleby Fudge: 6x Cookies & Cream fudge.
Global Soap: 10x assorted soaps.
Rainbow Kitchen: 6x assorted frozen pies, 4x assorted chillis.
Pealicious Proper Mushy Peas: 2x 300g.
Wildwood: 2x Feeling Dandy 70g.

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